Head Protection

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Head Protection
3M H8A Headgear
3M H8A Headgear with Ratchet ( no visor) 10pcs/case..
3M W96 Xylex Faceshield Clear
Standard size, molded Propionate faceshield helps provide splash resistance and face protection. Fac..
AccSafe Aluminum Bracket
P/N : A6AC146800 AccSafe Face Shield Alu Bracket for Helmet Mounted..
AccSafe Chin Strap w/ Chin Cup
P/N : A3AC157032 AccSafe Elastic Chin Strap With Chin Cup (For Helmet)..
AccSafe HA131 Bump Cap
P/N : A2ACHA131RD AccSafe HA131 Industrial Bump Cap Red Available in Colours Red, Royal Blue and..
AccSafe HA132 Black Bump Cap
P/N : A2ACHA132BK AccSafe HA132 Industrial Bump Cap Available in Colours Black and Combo Blue..
AccSafe PVC Chin Strap
P/N : A3AC156034 AccSafe PVC Chin Strap (For Helmet)..
AccSafe PVC FaceShield Clear
P/N : A6AC146134 AccSafe PVC Yellow Face Shield c/w Adjustable Ratchet & Clear Visor..
AccSafe PVC Visor
P/N : A6AC146734 AccSafe Clear Visor (for Face Shield refill only)..
HDPE Plastic Bump Cap
Safety Bump Cap HDPE Plastic Available in Colours White and Yellow..
MSA Chin Strap Elastic
MSA Chinstrap Elastic with "J" Hook..
MSA D Chin Strap
MSA D Chin Strap Adjustable..
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