We are offering a total safety and hardware solutions to meet your requirements.
  • Head Protection - Safety Helmet, Fireman Helmet, Bump Cap, Hair Cap.  
  • Face Protection - Face Shield, Welding Head/Hand Shield, Face Hood.
  • Eye Protection - Safety Spectacle, Safety Over Spectacle, Safety Google, Eye Wash, Welding Glass.
  • Hearing Protection - Disposable Ear Plug, Reusable Earplug, Ear Muff
  • Respiratory Protection - Disposable N95 Mask, Dust Mask, 3 Ply Surgical Mask, Half Face Mask, Full Face Mask, Smoke Escape Hood, Self-Contain Breathing Apparatus.  
  • Hand Protection - Leather Glove, Rubber Glove, Cotton Glove, Fireman Glove, Heat Resistant Glove, Chemical Resistant Glove, Barb Wire Glove, Cleanroom Glove, Cryogenic Glove, Cut Resistant Glove, Electrician Glove.  
  • Fall Protection - Safety Harness, Safety Lanyard, Fall Arrester, Self-Retractable Safety Line, Safety Net, Tripod and Wrench.
  • Foot Protection - Safety Shoe, Safety Boot, Safety PVC Boot, Shoe Cover, Fireman Boot.  
  • Protective Apparels - Fire Retardant Overall / Jacket and Pants, Fireman Suit, Chemical Resistant Apparel, Cotton Workwear, Uniform, Cryogenic Protective Apparel, Heat Protective Apparel, Chest Wader.
  • Industrial Safety - Safety Cabinet / Container for Flammables and Corrosives, Safety Cutter, Gas Detector, Tag Out / Lock Out, Safety Torch Light / Lamp, Signage, Filing / Storage Cabinet.  
  • Environmental Protection - Spill Control, Spill Containment System.  
  • Clean Room Equipment - Clean Room Glove, Clean Room Wiper, Clean Room Apparel.
  • Marine Safety - Foam Life Jacket, Auto Inflatable Life Jacket, Welder Life Jacket, Life Buoy, Fire Extinguisher, Air Horn, IMO Signage.
  • Road Safety - Safety Cone, Cone Pole, Water Refillable Barrier, Metal Barrier, Safety Vest, Flashing Lamps, Road Hump.
  • Healthcare - First Aid Kit, Armband, Health and Well-being.
  • Safe - Fire Resistant Safe, Deposit Safe. Di
  • Hardware Tools - Air/Power Tools, Breaks, Clutch, Gearbox, Hand Tools, Pulley, Ratchet, Socket, Wrench.
  • Packaging - PE Bag, Stretch Film, Bubble Pad, OPP Tape, Pallet for general and ESD. 
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