Ansell Touch N Tuff Nitrile Glove 92-600

Ansell Touch N Tuff Nitrile Glove 92-600
Ansell Touch N Tuff Nitrile Glove 92-600
P/N : H6AE92600
•Further testing of the TouchNTuff® by a certified body on an even wider range of chemicals confirms that it resists a greater variety of industrial chemicals for longer periods than any other nitrile disposable gloves
•Manufactured from nitrile, TouchNTuff® offers up to four times the puncture resistance of comparable natural-latex gloves, and three times the resistance of similar neoprene gloves
•It contains no natural rubber proteins, which means no risk of Type I allergies for the wearer. Primary skin irritation studies and Insult Patch tests have also shown no evidence of risk from irritation or allergic contact dermatitis
•With a unique “Thin Nitrile Technology” formulation, this glove offers easy donning and strong grip in wet or dry conditions
•The glove is highly versatile and suitable for many different uses
•AQL 1.5 (EN374)
•Ideal applications: Chemical handling; Laboratory analysis; Pharmaceuticals; Paint and spray shops; Printing industry; Electronics; Light assembly tasks; Light assembly of oil-coated pieces; Glass manufacturing; Handling of cytostatics; and Intricate parts handling
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